Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Got new phone. How to transfer the data?

The standard procedure to transfer Orange Diary uses backup and restore.

Step 1) Go to your old phone and run Orange Diary.

Step 2) Go to Orange Diary main screen > MENU > Settings > Backup & Restore > Backup & Restore

Step 3) Create a backup using "Create Backup" button
This will create backup file in /OrangeDiaryPro/backup folder.

Step 4) Now, take the SD card from old phone and insert into new phone

Step 5) In new phone, Download and install Orange Diary from Android Market
At this moment, you don't see any of your data in new Orange Diary installation.

Step 6) Go to new phone's Orange Diary > MENU > Settings > Backup & Restore > Backup & Restore
There you will see all the backups you just created in your old phone.

Step 7) Select the latest backup and restore it.