Monday, December 26, 2011

Release note

published: 2011-09-13

. Added send option in entry list screen
. Added send option for task and expense list
. Added email send option for attached contents.
. Added Context menu for attachment items.
. Fixed FC in Entry view screen
FC1:v1.26:android.content.ContentResolver$CursorWrapperInner / trying to requery an already closed cursor
. Fixed FC in Import screen / database not open
. Fixed FC in Preference screen in VTAB1008 device

published: 2011-07-27

. Added currency customization setting
. Added menu option to duplicate task and expense list
. Change the logic to manage attached images.
(All the attached images are duplicated and locally managed in OrangeDiaryPro/photo folder)
. Revise the backup log module
. Fixed menu icon problem in android 3.0
. Fixed some screen design inconsistency.

published: 2011-06-14

published: 2011-05-21

. Fixed entry detail display problem in "All entries" screen.
(happens when "No detail" display option is turned on)
. Fixed tag name handling logic for comma
(Comma, "," is not allowed in tag name. it's used as multiple tag indicator)
. Added "Default" button for "Screen appearance" and "Shortcut Button" settings.

published: 2011-05-05

. Fixed Entry edit screen tag display problem. Added Autoexp recovery feature
. Added Google Blogger export option
. Added Export default screen
. Revised Data import logic
(can handle multiple tags)

published: 2011-03-17

. Added Check/Uncheck all option in Task
. Added entry duplicate menu
. Added option to link icon with tag
. Added Google Docs export option

. Bug fixes
. Fixed FC in thumbnail creation
. Fixed Tag dialog error
. Fixed FC in shortcut button re-ordering

published: 2011-02-21

. Revised Alarm screen
. Improve the thumbnail image display. (size, orientation)
. Improve the Google doc import logic.
. Revise import documentations.
. Shortcut button ordering
. Added Expense module
. Bug fix in export screen

published: v1.15 2010-02-07
published: v1.17 2010-02-08, Hot fix 1
published: v1.18 2010-02-07, Hot fix 2

Added features
. Advanced search
. Marker selection
. Template
. Default icon for tags

. Changed Application Icon
. Added tag based filter for entry list in main screen
. Added sort option for task item list
. Disabled soft-keyboard auto pop-up in edit screens
. Fixed the bug in image viewer launch
. Fixed internal recorder launch
. Revised all date,time dialogs

published: 2011-01-03

. Fixed incorrect display in Entries of the week screen.
For the year end week, the screen calculates wrong date period
. Added option to hide week number in Calendar
. Added option to enable/disable internal sound recorder.

published: 2010-12-21

. Fixed FC for Sound Recorder.
. Hide the image in Autoexport folder in Multimedia file scan.
. Added a feature to customize the text color for calendar event
. Revised the layout of theme selection dialog
. Revised the color picker dialog for text color

published: 2010-12-14

. Fixed FC, Unknown URL
. Added more themes
. Added feature, Auto-export
. Added Day view option for "Entries of the week"
. Added feature, Import from Google Docs
. Added setting option to customize entry list in main screen.
. Replace gesture based flip to arrow sign based.
. Remove the embedded voice recorder.
. Revised some date format.

published: 2010-11-13

. Revised the entry edit screen
. Added a option to change the Main screen title
. Added a option to hide date and time from the list
. Revised the export/send file format
. Revised sample data
. Improved security for database backup files.
. Change the entry list display
. Added a screen to show all entries
. Fixed FC in attachment deletion.

published: 2010-10-14

. Fixed FC in FilePickr
. Fixed screen layout problem in HTC small devices.
. Added auto-save feature.
. Added link for pdf and doc files to quickoffice when viewing the attached file.
. Changed the security check logic.
. Added gesture in Entry view screen.
. Added Date and time format customization setting.
. Added data transfer feature from Demo to Pro.