Saturday, December 31, 2011

Requested featured

Can I put an appointment in by time range? Also, can I set an appointment by multiple days without making an individual entry on each day?

I wish the item list can display the full date info: yyyy mm dd instead of mm dd now. I need the year info displaying.

And want a mult-pages list function instead of a single list now.

Make the passcode screen work in landscape mode.

would like to see the date advance arrows switched so the right arrow advances days, also, how about an 'import templates' and 'create journal page' option, where the journal page is a form with set fields to fill in?

is it possible to display photo in diary list? or maybe provide us an option.

Is there any way to have the year for the list always show in either portrait or landscape mode?

ability to change or add status icon set and to import text directly into the editing screen.

Could we have an option to change the reminder ringtone and have a notification display on the top status bar and perhaps also to have option to cancel the snooze while an alarm is put on snooze?

a filter function in the calender view would be helpful, filters should be a tag or a search string.

Is there a way to archive or save a group notes by tag selection?

Please add a new feature to enable searching (or filtering) for a tag or whatever AND then dumping the results to a calendar view (and to EXPORT etc).

Can you insert the possibility to download the web page for save the article or more news

- better search option, now searching for car finds car, Oscar and scared for example
- allow combination of tags, for example tag A and tag B, tag A or tag B, not tag A, maybe other
- allow search in title of an entry only